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Film budgets are the purview of the line producer and the production manager to estimate with knowledge and experience the cost of making a motion picture production by creating a detailed film budget using decades of experience.  Whether feature films, movies of the week (MOW's), TV Series, , Mini-series, Made for televisions (Made Fors) single camera television, multiple camera television, dramas or comedy, all require detailed and custom film budgets in order to move from the script stage to the production phase.    Contact Us

December 2012  News Update:

Film finance continues to be a driving concern and excercise in filmmaking for both the independent film world and for the major studios as well.  The good news remains the increasing upward trend of inward investment to the market sector.  

The pressure on the film budget continues to drive lower the cost of production to meet market demand and current conditions.   As the budget for your movie decreases, the attention to detail necessary intensifies in order to maintain the high standards and production value intended for the production.   - 

May 2011 

The Cannes Film Festival and Market has roared off toward one of the most successful festivals and markets in several years.   Buyers and sellers are ecstatic at the return of capital into the markets.   Especially welcome are the USA distributors returning to the purchasing table in force. Renewed need for film production and movies to distribute are fueling the good news.  Now, more than ever, a reliable film budget and schedule is required to get a film budget funded and a movie made.


As a highly qualified film producer and film production consultant also offers premiere film production services on a worldwide basis.  Calculating a film budget with skill, patience and careful analysis is our craft.  With extensive global contacts, affiliates and production managers we are in constant contact with, we are able to offer one stop services for not only a quality film budget but for all film production requirements.

Both indie film budget and schedule requirements and studio film budget demands need the same attention to detail that a seasoned line producer brings to the table.   Crafting a quality and custom finance and camera ready package for investors is critical in this process.


Film Finance

Film finance likewise depends on film budgets from a professional film producer with extensive experience on location and soundstage filmmaking with many years under their belt.   With such critical experience, investors can be assured this valuable expertise has been input and considered in the construction of the film budgets they are presented with, and depend upon, that their investment is wisely secure.  With such documents in place film finance is more readily achieved, certainly more accurate and therefore success more readily a reality.

Co-Productions and Film Tax Credits

Co-productions and film tax credits globally have become ever more urgent elements of any film finance plan to enhance film budgets already under intense pressure.  As production dollars have dried up and are increasingly more difficult to secure, the co-production model of European countries is growing in allure and utilization amongst producers for the film financing requirements.  

Film tax credits also have incredible appeal to film production companies and film producers who need to expand their production investment with the soft money addition to their equity film investor comittment, foreign sales advances and bank lending availalble.   This market is drastically shifting and an informed line producer can assist in wading through those troubled waters. 

Shooting Schedule Hand in hand with film budgets are film shooting schedules. An accurate script breakdown is undertaken to determine the number of days and weeks a script requires to complete its shooting, as part of the film budgets process.

Everything is considered from actors schedules, weather, locations, availability of key crew, flight times, daylight hours, and much more.

Using all the skill of production management the Line Producer builds and hones the schedule specific to the production at hand.

Line Producers

Line Producers specialize in utilizing 25 years of film budgets experience to bring a project to reality can help you on your film production.  With their dedication to the movie budget integrity and reliability a line producer ensures the production is on time, on budget, with the highest production value and service to the director's vision possible.

Film Tax Incentives

Film tax incentives are a critical element of any film finance plan these days.  As the US states compete for film production companies dollars and inward investment production spend into their communities, filmmakers can take advantage of from 10%-42% film tax credit or film tax incentive program funding from state funds.  Overseas film tax incentives also are generously offered by governments whom likewise understand the value of film budgets inward spend into a local economy.

Section 181 - The federal film tax incentive for film budgets has been updated and extended by Section 744.   Contact for information.


Financiers require reliable film budgets in order to enable their accountants and staff to analyze the proposed film or television show. In order to determine if a project is suitable there must be an accurate document supporting the costs involved.

Financing entities (Banks, Studios, Independents, Tax Based Financing bodies, Sale/Lease companies, Foreign Sales Agents, etc.) require a thorough film budget and schedule package to analyze the validity of the investment. Cheap, quick, off the shelf budgets will not withstand scrutiny.

Only custom made, carefully considered, detailed, film budgets make by an experienced line producer, producer or production manager can yield the proper documents.

Movie Budget

A movie budget is a critical portion of a proper film finance plan.  Investors require a reliable movie budget from an experienced professional who has created by hand hundreds of film budgets and schedules and been out in the field working film budgeting on the fly on the set.  Knowing what film budgets can handle in terms of adjustments and accuracy, updates and actualization, are fundamental skills of a line producer or production manager to bring a film or television project in on time and on budget. is the property of 25 year film producer and professional filmmaker Jack Binder who has produced motion pictures for all major film studios and many of the independent film production companies in Hollywood.

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